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Ukrainian and English

Інтегрований урок Українська мова і Англійська разом з Юлія Перчук.

Learn about Greek and Latin roots.

Many English words come from Greek and Latin roots.

The root is the main part of a word, the part that contains the basic meaning.


dent - Latin - tooth - dentist

Affixes added to the beginning or the end of a word to create a new word with a new meaning.

Prefixes are groups of letters that have meaning and are at the beginnings of words.

Suffixes are groups of letters that have meaning and are at the ends of words.

Think about the Latin root scrib/script, which means to write. When you add prefixes and suffixes to the root, you can create many new words that all have something to do with writing, such as subscriber, scripture, inscribed, description.

Create the Words' Tree.
1. Build the students' teams.
2. Everyone choose the part of the word.
3. Read and discuss the root/prefix/suffix.
4. Write the root/prefix/suffix and add the example using the leaf.
5. Present.

The materials were taken from the book "Everything you need to Know about English Homework" by Anne Zeman and Kate Kelly.

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