среда, 24 февраля 2016 г.

World Read Aloud Day

Today 11D Grade NVC Kirovogradskiy Collegium celebrated World Read Aloud Day with amazing and cool Ann Jacobus via Skype.

She read the short passage from her book. Her voice was quiet but strong. Her words force us to believe and to move ahead.

My students wrote:

Thank you very much for nice evening. I wish some funny day and inspire :)

Thank you for time together. You are very interesting person.

It was a great Skype meeting. You suggested good recommendation about what to read. It would be great to talk with you more.

It was the best evening I have in the last six months. You are very light in communication and I like you very much. I'll begin to read your book tommorrow. I hope you were glad to meet us. Unfortunatelly, there was a little time to talk!


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