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The partnership is the trend for education.The Global Education Conference was opened by Christie Vilsack "Developing Parterships".
She presented many projects which was supported by USAID Education.

Ask yourself: who are you and what way you may collaborate with USAID

Look at the examples


Good examples from educators

Ingrid Bruynse. She works on education projects with the South African government to improve the quality of teaching and learning: these are not linked to USAID at the moment. We have worked with 14000 teachers in the past 3 years, providing classroom resources including episodes and books and posters. www.brightmedia.co.za

Julio Aviles (México). We work in training teachers to implementing PLE, Cloud computing and another things related with te integration of ICT in the curriculum. http://abtemexico.wordpress.com/

Noble Kelly. Education Beyond Borders implements a peer-led teacher professional development model that trains teacher facilitators and trainers in student-centered methodologies. http://www.educationbeyondborders.org/

Diana Gross shares link on video Stand Up, Girl (Cambodia) 

USAID Education is focused on 

Start to implement a project for and with community for the best future.

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