воскресенье, 16 ноября 2014 г.

Macmillan Education Online Conference

It's important event for ESL teachers. You may find the different and the newest information about learning English.
I can't register to atend the conference in this year but follow #MEOC2014
So tweets and images

The conference started with Emma-Sue Prince on #lifeskills for ESL teachers.

Blending Life Skills with Digital Literacy, with Steve Taylore Knowles

Building Conversational Strategies with Adult Learners, with Miles Craven

Critical Thinking Skills, with Ed Newborn

Encouraging Communication in the Business English Classroom, with John Allison

Top TEn Tips for Business English, with Paul Emmerson

Using Multimedia in the Classroom, with Robert Campbell

Teaching Tips for Teens, with Malcolm Mann

Motivation Tips for IELTS Preparation, with Sam McCarter

Teaching Difficult Sounds, with Adrian Underhill

Adrian's Sound App - a way to practise pronunciation.

Phonics: The Building Blocks for Reading and Writing, with Jill Leighton

Songs and Music in the EFL Classroom, with Gabriel Diaz Maggioli

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