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The partnership is the trend for education.The Global Education Conference was opened by Christie Vilsack "Developing Parterships".
She presented many projects which was supported by USAID Education.

Ask yourself: who are you and what way you may collaborate with USAID

Look at the examples


Good examples from educators

Ingrid Bruynse. She works on education projects with the South African government to improve the quality of teaching and learning: these are not linked to USAID at the moment. We have worked with 14000 teachers in the past 3 years, providing classroom resources including episodes and books and posters. www.brightmedia.co.za

Julio Aviles (México). We work in training teachers to implementing PLE, Cloud computing and another things related with te integration of ICT in the curriculum. http://abtemexico.wordpress.com/

Noble Kelly. Education Beyond Borders implements a peer-led teacher professional development model that trains teacher facilitators and trainers in student-centered methodologies. http://www.educationbeyondborders.org/

Diana Gross shares link on video Stand Up, Girl (Cambodia) 

USAID Education is focused on 

Start to implement a project for and with community for the best future.

Follow #globaled14

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MIcrosoft Innovative Educator Expert

was selected by Microsoft as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIE Expert) for 2015 for my excellence in using technology to help students learn and achieve more – and ultimately succeed in a mobile-first, cloud-first world.

Each year, Microsoft selects MIE Experts to be part of an exclusive global community that is paving the way for their peers to share ideas, try new approaches and learn from each other. This year, Microsoft selected more than 800 thought leaders in innovative learning who possess technology and desire to amplify their reach and voice.

“Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts are inspiring examples of how individuals are using technology to increase students’ productivity and develop the skills needed in the workplace,” said Anthony Salcito, vice president, Worldwide Education, Microsoft Corp. “With an innovative use of mobile and cloud technology, these educators are transforming learning environments and delivering more personalized education to students, allowing them to do more and achieve more.”

MIE Experts work closely with Microsoft to lead innovation in education, build educator capacity for using technology to improve student learning and advocate and share their experiences in how technology improves teaching and learning. In addition, they mentor other educators and help train them in education technologies and Microsoft products and tools. 

Global Education Conference

The fifth Global Education Conference will open tomorrow. 
This event will be held on Monday, November 17 through Friday, November 21, 2014. 

The entire conference is virtual and will take place online in webinar format. Sessions are held around the clock to accommodate participant time zones. 
The Global Education Conference is a collaborative, inclusive, world-wide community initiative involving students, educators, and organizations at all levels. It is designed to significantly increase opportunities for connecting classrooms while supporting cultural awareness and recognition of diversity and educational access for all. 
The conference hashtag is #globaled14. Please also consider using the International Education Week hashtag #IEW14.

Macmillan Education Online Conference

It's important event for ESL teachers. You may find the different and the newest information about learning English.
I can't register to atend the conference in this year but follow #MEOC2014
So tweets and images

The conference started with Emma-Sue Prince on #lifeskills for ESL teachers.

Blending Life Skills with Digital Literacy, with Steve Taylore Knowles

Building Conversational Strategies with Adult Learners, with Miles Craven

Critical Thinking Skills, with Ed Newborn

Encouraging Communication in the Business English Classroom, with John Allison

Top TEn Tips for Business English, with Paul Emmerson

Using Multimedia in the Classroom, with Robert Campbell

Teaching Tips for Teens, with Malcolm Mann

Motivation Tips for IELTS Preparation, with Sam McCarter

Teaching Difficult Sounds, with Adrian Underhill

Adrian's Sound App - a way to practise pronunciation.

Phonics: The Building Blocks for Reading and Writing, with Jill Leighton

Songs and Music in the EFL Classroom, with Gabriel Diaz Maggioli

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Конкурс Відкрита Польща

Нещодавно оголошено конкурсний відбір середніх навчальних закладів України для участі у проекті Відкрита Польща.

Проект триватиме 2014-2020 роки.

Мета проекту: залучення СЗОШ до процесу Євроінтеграції, створення моделі сучасної європейської освіти та впровадження її на базі кращих українських шкіл, співпраця та обмін досвідом між представниками українського та європейського освітніх середовищ.

Для участі у відборі необхідно:

1. Заповнити АПЛІКАЦІЙНУ ФОРМУ до 24 листопада включно
2. Надіслати візитну картку закладу (структурні підрозділи, напрямки роботи, досягнення, перспективи розвитку до 2020 року – до 2 стор. А4).

За підсумками конкурсу будуть обрані 100 кращих шкіл, які стануть закладами-партнерами Фундації CEASC та отримають можливість брати участь в спільних європейських проектах.

Контактна особа:
Надія Козицька

Детальніше тут: http://www.ceasc-bw.com/products/ogoloshuemo-konkurs-dlya-shk%D1%96l!1/


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