четверг, 3 апреля 2014 г.

IATEFL Harrogate 2014

Welcome to Harrogate!
We look ahead and hope to discover the new ideas, techniques, friends. And may be next time you will present your experience and share with us your works.

Today we meet  IATEFL President Carol Read

Look at the list of interviews with famous educators. Everyone from them opens for us a new horizon and puts the new goals. Choice your way and be an innovator.

All sessions is here. You may download presentations, read and write your comments. Be connected educators.

Barry Tomalin suggested the key to successful networking - "Don’t be INTERESTING. Be INTERESTED. Networking is about showing interest in others. It’s about building a good relationship but without doing business. However, in much of the world business happens because you build a good relationship." It's so important conclusion to me now because I'm going to organize startup Bis&Teach.

Tendencies of IATEFL 2014
- entrepreneurship
- training

Dear Ukrainian colleagues live session will start tomorrow at 11:00 (Kyiv).

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