пятница, 4 апреля 2014 г.

From Harrogate

Mary Spratt and her point of view on Teaching strategies for meeting learner in IELTS.

I early wrote about IELTS here. And it was interested to compare how to prepare the students to this test in Ukraine and in the UK.

First of all Mary Spratt suggested a success key for IELTS. It's a language proficiency + ideas and knowledge of the world + exam familiarity.

In Ukraine we teach exam familiarity. We practice and explain our students exam task types and answer formats. But IELTS is more deeper than a simple exam, it shows student's identity.

We should develop our students language skills and needs. Remember about coherence and cohesion. According Bloom's taxonomy we should shape higher-order thinking skills such as analysing, evaluating, creating.

Task's example from Mission IELTS that develop higher-order thinking skills

Learners should understand assessment criteria and how to achieve them.

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