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Back to School

We're going to school. What will I tell my students on our first lesson? May be about our impressions from summer vacation or about our expectations for a new school year.

I've decided to suggest my students next activities:
- Greetings
- Dolls
- Gigglossary
- Inanimate object
- Self-assessment

One of the way is share the motivational back to school quote.
"I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught" by Winston Churchill.
That's help to encouradge students to learn.

This method suggested Iryna Kolyada, methodologist of Dnepropetrovsk Regional In-service Teacher Training Institute.
1. Take a piece of paper. Size and colour may be different.
2. Fold it into half.
3. Imagine a figure of a person.
4. Rip the figure out and unfold.
5. Write on it your expectation in a new school year for your community, your family and yourself.
6. Colour.
This activite helps to define our goals and to compare in the end.

This activity suggested Ms Natalie Hammerton during August workshop from publishing house MM Publications and company Lingvist.
Gigglossary means humorous definitions of the words.
For example, squirrel - any of various small or medium-sized rodents. And gigglossary meaning for squirrel - a rat with good PR.
Task: write a definition for one of the following words: computer, iPhone, learning, knowledge, speaking. And after gligglossaring them.
This activity helps to develop student's creativity.

Inanimate object
This activity suggested Ms Natalie Hammerton, too.
Show students one object. Imagine that it could speak. What would it say?
For example, my object is a blackboard.  Imagine If this blackboard was situated in class where learnt first President of Ukraine Mykhailo Hrushevskyi what would it say?
This activity helps to review information, to develop critical thinking skills.

The Common European Framework of Reference shows relationship between levels system with descriptors for each level.
To ask students to reflect on their learning. To define their strengths and weaknesses.
This activity helps to understand student's level and to motivate them to further learning.

Good Luck!

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