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The Way Into Language

This webinar was organized by Macmillan and Onestopenglish
Presenter: Adrian Tennat
323 persons have participated in it. Most of them was from Europe.

Answer the question: What were the last 3 things you spoke about? Your own answers.
Next question: Did any of these topics come up in any form? Weather, travel, politics, crime, love, indentity.

Think about
When we are speaking in real life, do we make a request using:
- a grammar item?
- a phrasal verb? or
- at least three different phrases

We need communicate and develop to skill communication.

Where does language come from?
- space
- mind/brain
- monkey/ape

Language emarges from the topic, NOT the topic from the language.

Read this text
Gert van de Linden has jusst been released from prison but he is still a very unhappy man. Why? Well, he was in a jail for a crime he didn't commit. Gert was a victim of identity theft. 'Someone pretented to be me.  They used my name and personal details to get $300,000 and then they disappeared,' he said. 'Then the police arrested me and I went to prison!'
- What's structure language of this text?
- But what was the inspiration for topic-driven language?

Remember: Size doesn't matter!

The particapants' recommendation: combine texts and photos

Summary: you need a short texts to elicit conversation.

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