четверг, 10 ноября 2011 г.

Large Mixed Classes

with Robert Roffman, Peace Corps Volunteer, Kirovograd In-Service Teacher Training Institute.
Sum-up: Cooperate and create interesting materials.

Teaching problems:
- correcting written assignments
- participation
- individual awarness
- discipline
- interest
- effective learning for all
- materials.
Some Difference Between Learners:
- learning style
- cultural background
- mothertongue
- gender
- motivation
- interests
- pesonality
- confidence
- self-discipline.
Teaching Solutions:
- vary your topics, methods and texts
- make activities interesting
- encourage collaboration
- individualize.
A much richer pool of human resources.
Educational value in the actual contact between very different kinds of people.
Dr. Howard Gardner's Theory about Multiple Intelligences
Remember about this theory when you teach your students.

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