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Вебінар # 11

About Writing. Presented by Catlin Tucker

Why teach creative writing?
- Allows the freedom of artistic expression
- Challenges students to understand elements of a story
- Requires them to use language effectivly to engage
 - Teaches writing and editing.

Use media to inspire writing
- Brings the subject matter to life
- Including media helps the student connect the subject to their real life
- Engages visually & mentally
- Quickly exposes students to rich & complex info
- Inspires critical thinking & analysis
- Students are surrounded by it
- It's more fun

Use Question Types of Structures Writing Tasks
- Yes/No = Requires to select a side
- Multiple choice = Provides freedom of choice
- Vote or Suggest = Validation of student's voting
- Forum = Unstructured and reflective pieces

Less time spent grading
- Online writing allows for:
- Embedded modeling
- Immediate ability to publish work
- Peer feedback and validation
- Discuss strongest writing samples in class
- Collectively edit writing samples and improve
- Select favorite writing samples
Use Blabberize to add humor
- It can be scary for students to read their own writing so have fun with it.
- How does your story sound comming out of the funny face
Story books
- Write story based on images
- www.storyjumper.com
- www.storybird.com
iMovie, Movie Maker, or Jay Cut
- Have students make a movie of their story reading
Publish Finished Project online
- Step 1: Upload multimedia to video hosting site: SchoolTube
- Step 2: Post to online platform and add embed web code

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