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with Robert Roffman, Peace Corps Volunteer, Kirovograd In-Service Teacher Training Institute.
Fluency vs. Accuracy. What is most important? Answer: fluency.

- to become aware of what is involved in speaking
- to become aware of the implications for classroom practice
- to indentify different task  types
- to be able to evaluate a variety of speaking activities and adapt speaking skills
Materials should be interesting for students.
The characteristics of a successful speaking activity are:
- Learners talk a lot - as much as possible of the period of time allotted to the activity in fact occupied by learner talk.
- Participation is even - all get a chance to speak.
- Motivation is high - learners are eager to speak: because they are interested in the topic and have something new to say aboout it.
- Language is of an acceptable kevel - learners express themselves in utterances that are relevant.
The problem with
- inhibition
- nothing to say
- low on uneven participation
- mother-tongue use
Solve Problems in Speaking:
- use group work
- keep students speaking the target language
- talk together with students as much as possible
- give a lot of encouragement and praise
- correct mistakes at the end of the lesson in private.
Types of Speaking Activities:
Interviews, surveys, questionnaires, guessing games, communication games, drama, debates, simulations, role plays, problem-solving activities etc.
Finally, need practice, feel comfortable, be creatively. Do it! 

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