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"Effective Strategies for Exam Preparation" conducted by Svitlana Sorochynska, "Dinternal-Book" Chief Methodologist, 27 October 2011.

Language Skills: Reading, Listeening, Speaking, writing.
Language Systems: Vocabulary, Grammar, Functions.
Subskills for reading: Skimming, Skanning, Intensive Reading.
Answer the questions: Pre-teach or not pre-teach?
Difference between cohension (linking words that connect sentence) and coherence (common sence, not words).
With multiple choice tasks you should start with
a) Task -  first
b) Text
200 words - quite enough to survive. The most frequent word is 'the'.
Best way to remember:
a. use the word in a new way
b. have its meaning explained
c. study the context of its usage
d. search in the dictionary
Teaching Reading for exams:
- generate interest
- work with the title
- pre-teach key vocabulary
- skimming
- skanning
- intensive reading
- language work
- productive skills
Look at the video "Mr Bean Exam"

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